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Spontaneous changes in our lives can open periods of time with which we did not before. Much of this time can come from a change in lifestyle, retirement, career changes, your children leave home or graduate from school or college.When you fill your free time with useful purposes, you find a way to increase your creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and sense of satisfaction with life. When you use your free time productively, this can help you cope with the inability to relax because you are afraid of "doing nothing". And ultimately, the use free time in a way that you feel is beneficial to you, make sure you feel balanced, fully engaged in life and a more productive human being. In this article you will have the opportunity to explore different ways to use your free time with useful and satisfying activities.


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    Make a plan for your free time. Leisure time is only useful if you've focused on how you would use it. Just waiting for the time to become productive, creative, successful or not the appeal because you have not thought about the need to take the time effectively process.
    • The first thing you must realize is that up to you to "do something" to get your free time works best for you; not come from somewhere or someone else, just your decision to make it useful.
    • The second thing you should consider is to think well what is considered "useful." Relax, do nothing, rejuvenate and think are all "useful" activities if they take you to a better and more fulfilling life. Do not think of your usefulness in terms of what you think you should be doing but what you know will make you feel more productive, engaged and happy with life. Here are some possible plans for you are listed below:
    • Write a list of things you like to do in your free time. You can list them in any way you want, or mark all with the same level of importance that depends on you.
    • Create a journal about your life and include how you would like. Be sure to describe the activities you're trying to do in your free time, so you can assess whether or not worthwhile.
    • Make a 'display board' where you expose the ways you like to spend your free time in the future.
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    Separate your time from unnecessary stressors. If you want your free time is quite useful, do not let outside things he interrupted. The reason for this is that your time is as cool purpose and improve your energy, creativity, and your sense of yourself. If you allow the mundane activities of everyday life get in your free time under the guise of being "helpful", you will not get any profit from your free time and have 'fuzzy' boundaries between your time and the rest, devaluing and your free time.
    • Some of the things suggested not do in your free time work or tasks include, answering emails and voice mails, watch TV, be in constant action (the need to include some free time napping spaces and reflections), and electronic games (if you tend to spend much time in this activity). Instead of doing this, aside times to "catch up on work", "internet time" and "time to answer emails." Identify them and separate them in your free time.
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    Expand your comfort zone. A great way to spend your free time is discovering new things and have dimensions that you were not aware of before. If you out a bit of your comfort zone, your time becomes a journey of self-discovery and helps you grow. On the other hand, helps keep you interested in increasing your curiosity and expand your consciousness. Some things to consider to expand your comfort zone include:
    • Try new things you've always wanted to do but always find excuses not to make them, including saying "do not have the time" - use your free time!
    • Do things that you loved to do 10 years ago but has shelved long ago. Retómalas and see where they lead you this time. Probably feel weird to get used to something you have not tried for years and possibly the weather has caused the situation to change significantly, but enjoys the challenge involves renewing your interests.
    • Write the things that excite you and increase your energy. Find activities and experiences that will bring this.
    • Consider some of the hobbies that you can start with yourself, learn a new language computer programming, learning a different language, write a book / short story / play, make jewelry, graphic design, photography, learn a new dance style ( Polish, Arabic, zumba, tap, jazz, etc.), cooking or baking, teaching private lessons in something you enjoy, among others.
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    Change proposed the use of the media. Turn off the TV and leave it out of your free time. Think of creative ways to use the media. The Internet allows us to be in charge of the information circulating in the media, providing ample opportunity to turn your free time in a useful activity to disseminate creative, practical or informational messages you want to share with the world.
    • What do you think about creating a video that highlights something that you are passionate about, or something that worry, and then upload it to YouTube? Or maybe you can write some poems or short and add them to an electronic portfolio stories. If your passion is fashion, meeting some striking pieces, looking for a pattern and make your fashion page. Perhaps the music is closer to what you like and you like writing songs and share online. These beneficial uses of your time will trigger your creativity and provide you with something that other people can worship, enjoy, or learn as a result - everyone wins!
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    Volunteer. If you have already volunteered, you will notice the benefits this will bring. If you have enough free to share it with someone who needs time, it can be a very satisfying way to work in your society or community. Even better, you can choose which volunteering according to your beliefs and what you think is most important. Looking for volunteer opportunities by asking people you know who have already volunteered, searching online or in the pages of volunteers, or by asking the people who work in places that appeal to you to give you as a volunteer. Regardless of your level of experience, it is likely that you are a volunteer and eventually, you can gain knowledge, you develop professional experience and good reputation through your volunteer work and find that you can turn into an incredibly rewarding experience helping others.
    • Some ideas to offer volunteer work include computer / email / wikis for charities, help in a thrift store, fundraising, cooking shelters, work with animals (wildlife reserves, zoos, animal rescue, training, etc. .), join a conservation team, volunteering abroad, do things for needy people and activities in a club museum / exhibitions / tours.
    • Voluntary Offer yourself so much or little you like. You're spending your free time to a good cause, so you should enjoy it.Even consider volunteering in different places and different times of the day, to give some variety to the experience and the people you meet.
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    Consider lead a simpler life. If you find that your free time is hampered by having to carry a big house, maintenance and cleaning, seeks more time cleaning up the mess and even considered buying a smaller house.
    • It can take months to clear the accumulated clutter from your life.Take some time and also a deadline for which everything must be completed and removed from your life, for your own good.
    • Make garage sales and yard to get rid of things you do not need saving. You can use the money for your leisure activities.
    • Avoid watching the adjustment like you bereave a certain standard of living. Once you've freed you from high maintenance requirements, you will soon learn that the extra free time you have earned it more.
    • Some organizations like the IRS in the United States, require that you have your financial papers seven years ago, so do not despise the paper without seeing what it is.
    • Break stationery with personal information such as social security number or your bank account numbers, before throwing to prevent identity theft or financial data.
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    Learn for the sake of learning.'s School, college, university and lifelong learning in the workplace are usually focused in guiding work to generate profits. Sometimes, learning for the sake of learning is lost before the deadlines, the need for good grades and the pressure to keep a job. Learn in your spare time can be free of these restrictions and may be a completely different profession we choose in life, free of the usual reasons we acquired some skills for a job or a specific promotion experience. Have you always imagined getting involved in archeology, ballroom dancing, producing jewelry, learning first aid, or security? Use your free to dive into learning these things for the sake of learning them, without the pressure to achieve the goals you've set time.
    • Consider going back to school to increase your knowledge.
    • Ironically, although this type of learning can not take any of what you do the rest of your life relationship will remain beneficial because it increases your ability to better understand the world, giving you new ways of seeing things and equips you with new skills that can be applied later, allowing you to think further and come up with new and creative solutions to your everyday activities.
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    Surrender to your hobby or pastime. Leisure is an excuse to completely involved in doing something that you consider a hobby or pastime. Hobbies are useful because they give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve skills and stay focused, diligent and active brain. In addition, a hobby lets you enjoy yourself while you immerse yourself in its complexities. Be sure to approach others with the same love for them to talk, share ideas and show off their accomplishments. This is an area where brag occasionally does not hurt because everything is done in a fun atmosphere and come back the favor by complimenting the efforts of others.
    • Even with a hobby, there are many paths you can take to keep you busy. For example, art is full of ideas with different angles.Only in the paint you can inquire about acrylic, enamel, encaustic paint (wax), fresh, gouaches, inks, oils, oils that dissolve in water, pastels and dry pastels, oil pastels, pastels in pencil, spray paint to create your own graffiti, tempera, watercolors and sketches.
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    . Turns cooking and gardening in something happy instead of tasks These two activities can be a burden or a major source of therapeutic development and inner joy; really depends on your approach and give you free time to explore. So the possibilities are open for viewing as useful and enjoyable, rather than seeing them as a task.
    • Get a cookbook and try cooking new recipes. Or look in the refrigerator and pantry, and then search online for a recipe using those ingredients (eg, search for "recipes broccoli, pineapple and jalapeño"). Spend an afternoon baking and learning how to use techniques that you have never tried. Make a greater effort to improve a casual dinner for some people that you really care.
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    • Redesign your garden or change your proposal on what grows in it. Plant a cactus, are amazing plants have beautiful flowers and are almost impossible to kill. Or you can try herbs that are easy to maintain, fun to use (in the kitchen or crafts), and continues to innovate year after year. Or how about creating a meditation garden or a Persian garden?
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    Spend more time with your pets. If you have a fish, now would be a good time to get one. Pets require special care and can help you create free time just because they have needs and because it can be very good for you, especially if you have tendencies of workaholism. Find a pet at an animal shelter and so will save the life of the pet and you will become the center of his life.
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    Concentrate on your spirituality. Leisure is the perfect place for all things spiritual time because you give yourself the space to develop yourself, reflect and think about what is really important and the purpose of your life. Whether you are religious or not, spiritual time is an essential part in the life of a human being and if you lean to this side of your personality, would be one of the healthiest decisions you can make.There are many ways to learn and know thy self spiritual, and you can start reading and learning everything you can. Other things you might like to do with your time and increase your spiritual life are:
    • Learn to meditate. Sit quietly for 20 minutes and breathe naturally. Tell your breath until 10 and begins again. The idea is to have something to focus on, to keep you fully present and not mentally ramblings (which will tend to do, by the way). Some sentences using similar methods in a Christian context. After several weeks and days of prayer, you can begin to notice positive results in your life calmer, more concentration, more focus and understanding of what can be so negative mental "chatter".
    • Join or return to the church, synagogue, mosque or temple. This is a sure way to meet interesting people and get involved with your community. No need to be so religious if you're not - for example, Unitarian Universalists, who come from Christian roots, are known to welcome and include people of other faiths, including agnostics, atheists, pagans, freethinkers, secular and liberal humanists of all kinds.
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    Make new friends. Finally, but not least, do not hide during the time you have free. Spend time with people that matter to you.Organize meetings with friends on a regular basis, come spontaneously from time to time and catch up with family members you have not seen in some time, to see how they do. Even if you do not want to spend much time on these activities, including some time in your week to make sure you're keeping your connection with others in a way that is free from the shackles of time, obligations and deadlines that you yourself have tax, so that they have the opportunity to share your ideas, fun and reenergizarte through your connections.
    • Advice
    • Stay in good physical shape. Free time gives you a good opportunity to keep your exercise levels, either a walk or work in a gym; how you stay in shape up to you. Try to make it fun. You can even listen to music while you exercise you.
    • One way to appreciate life is the end of the day. Before you go to bed, write down five things a day for which you're grateful. It can be difficult to think of five things at first, but fine if you repeat things from the previous days. You will realize that things are looking good throughout the day to write at night. This will improve your outlook on life. Do not be strict about punctuation, writing, write how often, etc. You just get discouraged. Write whatever, whatever, anytime (unless you're trying to improve your writing skills).
    • Take your time trying new experiences. Something that initially seem difficult can start to like and be more rewarding when you get used to it.
    • Do not commit too. You do not want to ruin the fun for many things to do together. The time should be enjoyable, not stressful.
    • It's your time. If you decide to leave a church, a volunteer group or leave a hobby, it's fine. You're the first and last person who can judge what is good for your time; the opinion of other people are only opinions. Remember, it's your life, so do your best with it and become a good person.

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