9 tips to have a successful business idea


Anyone who wants to take is to start finding a core business idea that contains the essence of the case and lead to the desired result. This first business idea will provide a base for entrepreneurs, which in turn will give you the opportunity to contextualize and convey thegeneral message to their end customers.
First, the entrepreneurial idea to
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  • First, the entrepreneurial idea to
    To elucidate how you should present the arguments, you need a coherent business plan with good layout and business model and especially need to avoid jumping of a thing other haphazardly. The work of every entrepreneur is to organize all the information to seek a way that is accessible and clear business plan.
    An effective business idea should provide a convenient point of view from which the entrepreneur can present the evidence and the counselor or tutor can listen and value them.
    A good business idea should be easy to remember, appeal to common sense, be consistent with the evidence and fit the concept of enterprise. Any insistence on the importance of a compelling business idea will always be low.
    One or two lines may contain the central idea of the business. For example note that entrepreneurs in the advertising industry know how to capture the essence or the concept of a product in one sentence. Slogans like "you deserve a break today", "Where's the beef?" Have become United States national mantra. Why? because they are catchy, easy to understand and phrases message.
    Find an idea with the potential to become reality will be the first challenge for every entrepreneur and the first concern. Hitting the right choice is not easy, not depend on luck, or their choice may be the result of a game, but finding opportunities in our environment and beyond it.
    The right choice will require much observation, seek information and experiences, talk to each other, introduce in the sector (as potential customers and possible providers) use empathy, take the first accounts, groping whether or not we are able ... one process in which we must also reject many infeasible or impractical for us ideas.
    The business idea of an entrepreneur emerges or evolves according to a number of personal and environmental factors for this you can help by making a list of themes or sectors that will attract, and study their problems.
    1 The idea is to solve a problem or improve some aspect of an existing one solution.
    2 In addition there must be someone willing to pay or deliver something in return for access to the solution of the problem.
    3 Part of making a list of problems you've observed in the different environments in which you develop your life and imagine possible solutions.
    4 Then make a list of sectors or activities that appeal to you personally, think about things that fascinate you can reach.
    5 Finally, draws another list of all the skills that you have, ie things that you're good and you like doing.
    6 Looking common areas between lists and identifies the type of business you would like to create
    7 The solutions must be realistic and achievable with limited resources, and if possible apply knowledge or skills that you already have or know how to get them.
    8 Discuss with friends and acquaintances your idea, ask their opinion on it.
    Re-start the process as many times as necessary.

    Julio Garcia

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